UNREMARKABLE – A Private Eye Story

Editing still in progress. Hopefully January of 2022.

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”
― W. Somerset Maugham


Joe Bauer finally graduated college and started his career off training to be a private investigator. But he is not the only investigator in the sleepy college town of Fort Kearney, Nebraska. It is the late 1980’s, and Joe is working for Herb Compton, a Nebraska sheriff turned insurance investigator. Former FBI Special Agent Tom Grogen also assists with Joe’s training. Lakota Private Eye, Tom Poor Bear; future exorcist, Fr. Jim Homolka; and SIU investigator Sam Loretto are also working cases. Intelligence officer John Hansel is home on leave, recovering from his last assignment. He and Russian agent Alexander Gorkin are each tracking down stolen Fabergé Eggs and a Russian contact book that found their way to  Fort Kearney. By the end of his first year, Joe begins to learn how to conduct covert surveillance. A skill he discovers that is part art and part luck. Joe learns that in the gray world of the private eye business… The trick is not to be tricky. The trick is not to be invisible. The trick is to be unremarkable.

Sodtown Books                                                    http://www.PrivateEye1.com

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