In (Federal) appointed cases, counsel can incur up to $900 for such (investigator) expenses without prior approval.

§ 310.20.30 Without Prior Authorization (a) 18 U.S.C. § 3006A(e)(2)(A) (link is external) authorizes the obtaining of investigative, expert, and other services, without prior authorization but subject to subsequent review, providing the cost of the services obtained does not exceed the amounts listed in the following table, plus expenses reasonably incurred. For information regarding obtaining investigative, expert, and other services in capital cases, see: Guide, Vol 7A, § 660. § 310.20.30(A) LIMITATIONS ON SERVICES WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION If services were performed between… The compensation maximum is…

02/15/2019 to present $900

05/27/10 to 02/14/2019 $800

12/8/04 to 05/26/10 $500

11/14/86 to 12/7/04 $300

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